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To be recognized as a member of the America First Party of Massachusetts,
one must:

  • change ones voter registration to the statewide political designation "America First Party"
  • provide verification that this has been done
  • submit a completed and signed membership form

A person will not be added to the membership rolls if one of these steps is not completed.

By signing the membership form, you are agreeing to

  • support the founding principles of the America First Party, and aspects of
    the America First Party Platform which relate to the Founding Principles
  • obey the rules (i.e. bylaws) of the party

To assess the desirability of membership, you may
want to review the documents shown below.

Founding Principles click here
Platform click here
State Party Bylaws click here

If you believe that you can support our principles and platform, then we strongly encourage you to consider membership. By joining us, you will be helping to build this party and a new and urgently needed political movement.

Membership Application Process

You can start the two-stage membership application process by mailing in
the membership form, which you can download here (124 KB).

Once you complete and sign the form, please return it to:

America First Party,
P.O. Box 61126
New Bedford, MA 02746.

When we receive your form, we will send you an official voter registration form. To expedite recognition of your membership, this completed form should be mailed back to us. Once we receive it, you will be a recognized member.

Please note: If you should elect to mail your voter registration form to your local registrar of voters rather than mailing it back to us, then you will need to go through the additional step of procuring an official written statement from your registrar stating that your have registered your political designation as "America First Party". This statement should then be forwarded to the same address above.

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